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Edelweiss we are committed to delivering the best experience and the best service to all our passengers. Because of this, We created this more intimate space, where we'll give you all the necessary data to have an excellent visit to our beloved Santiago.

We took the city, a place at a time

Chile is waiting for you

From the heart of the Andean high plateau to the unexplored territories at the end of the world, Chile invites you to live adventures in the middle of the planet’s driest desert and the pristine nature of Patagonia. Visit millennial glaciers, discover the only warm rainforest in South America and be part of the rural customs in the fertile valleys sheltered under the watchful eye of the volcanoes. Islands full of legends will captivate you with stories of authentic tradition, while the big cities open up before you with a wide variety of activities set at the fast pace of the modern world.

A return trip to Seoul.

little adornment, but nice atmosphere. You come here to eat Korean food as it: spicy dishes seasoned with species, probably, You've already used in Chinese cuisine and Thai.

A Green Lung

Forest park

Forest Park, It is a must for both santiaguinos and tourists. During the week you will see owners walking their pets, school hanging out, athletes and people meditating. During the weekend, This scene is repeated, but adding a "Flea Market" place where locals sell second-hand.

Underground Art

Centro Cultural La Moneda

At first glance it goes unnoticed for more than a tourist by the immensity of the Palace of La Moneda. But nevertheless, under the Citizenship Square, It is a magical place that protects various samples of national and international art.

Museum of the Dead

Cemeterio General.

Here imposing façade, spooky atmosphere, the dead rest guarded by large statues of nuns who welcome visitors of flesh and bones.

We show you other beautiful places in our country, so you can plan your next trip

ConoceNorth & Atacama Desert

Far from being a desolate, arid wilderness, the Atacama desert is overflowing with life. Its ancient cultures offer a warm welcome to modern travellers, and fertile oases sustain an astonishing diversity of life here in the world’s driest desert.

Lakes & Volcanoes

A sudden cloudburst and a heavy shower pass as quickly as they began, and the sky is soon an intense, deep blue once more. Breathe in the earthy, humid scents of the forest and meet some of the warmest, friendliest people on earth. Welcome to the south of Chile! Discover its singular beauty and the unique living heritage of its original peoples.


Vast, exotic, wild and infinite in its beauty. That’s how Patagonia was described by the explorers who arrived here almost 500 years ago. Little has changed to this day. Come and discover a truly unspoiled wilderness of mountains, fjords, glaciers, forests and steppes.

Chile places

We present a series of photographs showing how beautiful this country along its 756.102 km²